Download yoast seo premium plugin for free

The Yoast Search engine optimization Premium and Free version of plugin is the most well known / popular WordPress plugin which is mostly utilized by all beginner and master bloggers.
The yoast seo plugin has all it takes to make your blog to do well on search engines.

This yoast seo plugin has two different varieties of versions.
It have the Free version and also the paid or premium version.

The Free version it self is additionally great full with lots of features but sometimes it’s normally utilized by beginner bloggers.
You know why? Well it’s because advance bloggers understand what the yoast seo premium plugin is all about and therefore they don’t mind paying for it.

The Free version of the Yoast Seo plugin accompanies all the basic and some advanced features which is imperative for any WordPress blog. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you changed to premium adaptation of the Yoast Search engine optimization (seo) plugin then it is extremely wonderful , and that’s why I’m giving it out for free of charge for all of you to benefit from it.

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The premium version of this yoast seo plugin for WordPress also accompanies great features like the free version but with more unprecedented features.

The Yoast team routinely update the plugin.

This version of it which I’m giving out today is the version 4.4.
You can Download it bellow free of charge.

Features of the yoast seo plugin for WordPress

Well just like I said earlier, the yoast seo plugin comes with lot of features and that’s why it is been used by more than 5 million + individuals.
With it, you can simply do some stuff very easily.

More features of yoast seo premium plugin

This are some of the features you can find in the premium version of the yoast seo plugin.

Redirects module: with this module, You can redirects any of your blog’s url to any other url.
Like I said earlier, for Now (Time of writing this article) this isn’t my main blog. It’s just a demo blog I use to showcase examples for my freelance work.
Though I might turn it into something else some day.

Last two weeks I switched my domain from blogger platform to WordPress. Later I realized I have lot of broken links like (200+) which might affect my seo, but with this plugin I am able to redirect all the unfounded links and remove the un existing ones from Google and now I’m free.

Internal linking: with the internal linking, Yoast SEO premium plugin will suggest you the best internal linking options (the best links to include within your blog post from your old articles which will get you more page views.

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Social previews: this module will help you to change the preview your blog post, like the real featured image and description when you share your blog’s url on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Multiple focus keywords: this is another great feature why I don’t hesitate to puchase this plugin.
With this feature You can target multiple focus keywords for your article which is not available in free version of Yoast SEO plugin.

Insights: this is also another great feature. The Insights shows you the most 5 used words in your article. With this you can choose your keyword in case you forgot it after writing your article or for those who don’t know how to choose keywords.
With the free version you can’t find many of this great features I listed above.

To know more about why Yoast SEO Premium plugin is better than its free version and why it’s always recommended you can visit the official Yoast SEO website at () to find more by your self.

Why am I giving this premium yoast seo plugin at no cost?

Well maybe I should Just call it a Christmas and New Year gift then.
This is version 4.4 ,it has all the features with the latest version which I currently use in this blog. Though the former is with some improvement. If you need the latest version of it, you can send me mail here and I won’t hesitate to share with you. Though I am going to share it here too one of this days.

Click Here To Download The Yoast Seo premium plugin v4.4 for free of charge.

How To Install Yoast Seo premium plugin in your WordPress blog?
Well this is for those who don’t know how to install plugins in WordPress blog. Yoast seo premium plugin can be installed same way other plugins are been installed.

Quick summary of How To install plugin on wordpress.

From the Dashboard >> choose Plugins >> and then Add New >> Upload Plugin >> Choose File >> Install >> and then Activate Plugin

Full procedure to install WordPress plugin

To install the yoast seo premium plugin follow the instructions below.

First login to your blog dashboard through this link ( when logged into the admin dashboard, click menu or the Three dot by the upper left corner of your screen.
Click on plugin and then choose add new to add new plugin.
When you’re in the next page, choose upload plugin and then choose to upload from your phone or computer and locate the yoast seo premium plugin which you downloaded already above.

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