Easiest way to get unique content for your blog with Google Translator

In the event that you ve been a consistent blogger for now, you should have confront extraordinary content issue. To me, sometimes It is exceptionally hard to compose everything from your own experience.
The accomplishment of any blog will surely rely upon high quality and unique contents.
On the other hand, Content is a top dog or infact let me say it’s a king in the first place because without unique and quality blog content, your blog may not be able to receive common organic traffic (traffic from search engines) .
A good quality content helps you to improve your organic traffic and positioning of your blog (rank) on Search engines and not only that, with a good and understandable content in your blog, will make your readers to always come back to your blog and read more which convert their traffic in your blog to cash through monetization.

If you are the type that still face unique content writing problem maybe because of one reason or the other, here today I have a traps to influenced 100% unique content which can pass copyscape.

Now let’s look at some of the guidelines to get a quality content for your blog.

Stage 1: first Discover some high quality article from other blogs since you can’t write it all from your own experience with your right keyword and in your niche.

Stage 2: now after discovering the articles you want to post to your blog from other blogs, just copy the whole Content from it original place and then paste it in MS Word or any other writing tools you like using. For those using mobile phones to blog , you can also use writter plus app which you can download right from the Google Play Store or download the official blogger app if you are blogging on the blogspot platform and the official wordpress app for those on wordpress platform or any other writing apps you may like as there are tons of them available in the play store and then Cut of the desirable part of the article which you ll like to post on your blog.

Stage 3: Go to Google Translate and in the menu, Select to Translate from English to Spanish language if your article is in English language.
But if you are writing in any other language then choose to translate from that language to Spanish language and afterward paste your article and translate on it. At that point again choose to translate from the Spanish to English.

Stage 5: Now again, choose English to French dialect and from French to German dialet.

Stage 7: And finally from German to English again.

Note: I use English language as example in this article but if you write with non English language, kindly replace English language with the language you write with.
Check the yield article you ve got You will discover enormous change from the original One. Now go through it and then paste to your blog, you are done.
To check out if it quality content, copy the post url and then visit http://www.copyscape.com and paste it in the search box for checking the unique of your blog.

Conclusion: go through the whole article after the translation to correct some grammars that are not in line or possibly visit grammary.com

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